Shipping Info

Handling Time

All orders placed before 12 pm EST will be shipped the same day. Orders placed after 12 pm, will ship the following day, excluding Sunday. If you place an order after 12 pm Saturday or at anytime on Sunday, it will be shipped Monday. *

We are unable to ship during Holidays when the Post Office is closed.

*Your payment must clear for us to begin processing. Pay promptly in order to ensure a speedy delivery. If you are a new customer and choose to pay with Echeck (Green Money), your order will ship as soon as the check clears (up to 10 business days).

Free Shipping (For US Customers Only)

We offer free shipping on all orders. If the total weight of your order (including packaging) is under 1 lb, we will ship your order using USPS First Class Mail (1-5 days)*. If your order (including packaging) weighs 1 lb or more, we will ship your order using USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days) or UPS Ground (1-5 days)*.

For all orders of 200 grams of powder products or less, free shipping will not guarantee a tracking number (only paid shipping that includes tracking will), but you will still receive confirmation that your order has been shipped.

*Rates change every year, and in order for us to continue to offer free shipping for all orders, we have to make adjustments to our policies and practices to avoid raising prices or no longer offering free shipping on all orders. Therefore, whenever the difference in price between a quicker shipping option (like Priority Mail or FIrst Class Mail) and a longer shipping option (such as Parcel Select Ground, which takes up to 8 days) is greater than or equal to a dollar, we will use the cheaper, and longer, shipping option on orders where customers choose our free shipping option. Because we adapt to changes made by the courriers, which are outside of our realm of control, we can not guarantee that our current practices will be in place for any specified period of time. These practices and policies may change at any time without warning. However, we do our best to keep our policies updated and to notify our customers of any and all changes that may affect their current and/or future orders. Nonetheless, the best way to guarantee that your package will be shipped according to your preference or expectations is to pay for the specific shipping service desired. Thank you for your understanding and support. 

Paid Shipping Options

If you would like to pay for USPS Priority Mail, even though your package is under 1 lb, you may do so. Similarly, you may also pay for USPS Priority Mail Express if you would like to. All prices are calculated according to your location.

We do not profit from shipping, but, instead, pass on all our special shipping discounts to you; so, please take advantage of them. Please keep in mind that paying for shipping does not give your order any special treatment and that your order will ship according to our regular shipping policies.

Collect On Delivery (COD) Orders*

*Until further notice: we will be using UPS for most COD orders.

Please take note of the following important facts about choosing the COD payment option:

  • You are responsible for paying the COD fee of $16.50 (UPS) in addition to your order total. Choosing free shipping does not change your responsibility for paying this fee. Please see the only exception below.
  • Orders of $200 or greater do not have to pay the COD fee, but you will still be responsible for your order total. Keep in mind that orders that come to under $200 after discount is applied will not qualify for this free COD service.
  • You are responsible for being present at the time of delivery and, unless you request us not to give out your personal information, we may give the shipping company your email or phone number to assist them in delivering your shipment. You may also arrange to pick it up from UPS/USPS. You are responsible for communicating and arranging a successfull delivery with the carrier. 
  • Please see General Shipping and Handling Facts and Tips below for important facts about how shipping works, answers to commonly asked questions, and tips for avoiding and dealing with shipping issues.

Canadian Customers

You can choose from several carriers and all rates will be calculated automatically based on your location.

General Shipping and Handling Facts and Tips

  1. Bow Key Botanicals does not profit from any of shipping options. In fact, we pass on our special business discounts to you! Please understand that if you pay extra for shipping, you are not paying for an extra service from us but a service provided by the carrier you chose. All orders are treated the same: they are handled and shipped in accordance with our shipping and handling policies.
  2. Your satisfaction and experience matter to us and that is why we will always happily assist you in every possible way that we can. However, please keep in mind that, once we hand your package over to a carrier, they are now responsible for getting the package to you. If you are concerned about your package for any reason, contact the carrier directly before contacting us. Only contact us first, if you believe that your package has not been shipped in accordance with our policies. We deal with lost, damaged, and delayed packages on a case-to-case basis.
  3. Always communicate directly with the carrier before contacting us. Besides our special shipping discounts that we share with you, we do not receive any special treatment from any of the carriers we use. By contacting them directly and prior to contacting us, you can save yourself and us time and energy. We are always happy to help, but, if you want to resolve issues or find out any information regarding your shipped package, you will save a lot of time by contacting them directly.
  4. Same-day shipping guarantees that we will hand your l labelled package over to the carrier on that same business day. It does not guarantee that the carrier will transport your package, because that is outside of our realm of control.
  5. Our shipping days are Monday through Saturday and our same-day shipping times are from 12:01 pm EST to 12 pm EST the following day. We often ship orders many hours beyond this time to get your order moving to you as quickly as possible, but this is the minimum time we use for our same-day shipping guarantee. We use the time that the payment is received for your order as the deciding factor for when your order will be shipped. If you place an order prior to 12 pm, but pay after 12pm, then your order will be guaranteed to ship the following day. While we use standard days (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) and times (EST) for when your order is shipped, we use the times above to decide which day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) your order will be shipped on. If you believe we have not shipped your package in accordance with our policy, please contact us immediately.
  6. We are not responsible for stolen packages once they are delivered. However, we do work with customers on a case-to-case basis and will take full or partial responsibility for damaged packages, packages that were shipped to the incorrect address (see number 7 in this list), and packages that are lost within the carriers system.
  7.  Make sure your address and contact information is correct prior to placing your order. We do not edit you personal information, including your address. Therefore, if your address is incorrect and your package gets delivered to the incorrect address, Bow Key Botanicals is not responsible. We have had to take this stance due to fraudsters and scammers. Once you realize your address is incorrect in our system, contact the carrier immediately to let them know and contact us immediately afterwards for support.
  8. All of our packages are plain, allowing and supporting your privacy. However, the name you put in our system along with our company's name will be on the shipping label. If you require an extra level of privacy, please contact us prior to placing your order.
  9. Thank you for reading this list and allowing us to share our passion, products, and services with you! Never hesitate to reach out. We are here for you and are happy to help!