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Are you a frugal shopper, always looking for the best deals, or are you just on a budget right now? Well, if you answered yes to any or all of these questions and you like (or at least don't mind) red kratom, then our Red Stock kratom is the perfect choice for you.

Still, do not let the price fool you. This strain, like all of our kratom, is still held to our high standards and always passes all of our laboratory tests. The only reason our Red Stock kratom is priced so well is because the main alkaloid in kratom, called mitragynine, never exceeds 0.75% in our Stock strains.

When we receive kratom with mitragynine levels of 0.75% or lower, we pass the savings on to you by selling that kratom in 1/2 kilogram and  kilogram packages at a very competitive price. Keep in mind that, because we strive to only sell kratom with higher alkaloid levels, this Red Stock kratom is limited; so, make sure you do not miss your chance at taking advantage of this great deal!

*This product is available only in 500 gram and one kilogram packages